Sunday, February 14, 2016

Try a Drive to One of Florida's Beautiful Waterfalls and Springs

Orlandoans are lucky to have almost thirty day-trip excursions to real waterfalls and natural springs in their virtual backyard. Whether you are a nature lover, canoe aficionado, or just  looking for a bit of escape, you should give one of these a try. And since this is a great time of year for a road trip, and the price of gas couldn't be cheaper, get going!

The following is a list of many favorites within a few hours of Orlando, but my personal best is pretty close by at Blue Spring State Park. Claiming the title of the biggest spring found on the St. John’s River, this stop on the list is manatee heaven from the middle of November until the end of March. Any in-water activity is put to a halt during this time, but once the park fully reopens, attendees can enjoy some snorkeling, boating, fishing, tubing and, if you’re certified, scuba diving.

For a complete list of local areas to explore try Orlando Weekly's up to date list of the best choices, Orlando Weekly List of Springs and Waterfalls.

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